Have you ever thought about the things you should be doing to your home in the fall?  Here is a checklist to get you started:


Remove and store your window screens

Reverse ceiling fans to direct heat downward

Check attic vents for birds, squirrels or other pests

Hire a professional to inspect/clean wood stoves

Stock your home with a current fire extinguisher

Insulation & Ventilation:

Open & clean your attic louvers & vents

Check your attic for proper insulation 

Clean your dryer vent

Electrical Systems:

Check your wiring & cables for wear & damage

Test & reset your GFCI & AFCI outlets/breakers


Change your filters

Hire an HVAC contractor to service your system

Remove window AC units or install winter covers

Vacuum radiators, baseboards & air registers


Check your toilets for leaks inside the tanks

Check all fixtures for leaks

Check tile joints, grout & caulking

Remove & store hoses & winterize spigots


Replace screen doors with storm doors

Repair missing caulk around windows & doors

Weatherstrip doors that lead to the exterior

Repair, prime & paint areas with peeling paint


Check your roof for damage or missing shingles

Check underside of your roof for stains & leaks

Trim branches & trees away from the roof


Check your chimney for cracks & leaks

Get your chimney cleaned before the first burn

Check your foundation walls for cracks

Check your crawl space for moisture

Water Control:

Clean your gutters & window wells

Extend downspouts away from your foundation

Make sure grading flows water away

Waste Disposal:

Get your septic tank cleaned (every other year)

Fuel Services:

Check your gas/oil tank for odors & leaks


Store or cover your patio furniture

Winterize your lawn mower, sprinkler & pool

Stock your garage with a shovel & salt

Test your snow removal equipment (depending on location)

Once all the work is done call Phylis Simoni 404-456-2683 with Keller Williams Atlanta North to make her Your Realtor For Life!